It’s time to take your business to the next level.  Since 2010 we have been experiencing an unstoppable increase in video traffic, especially in mobile devices.  More and more businesses are engaging their audiences with a video marketing strategy, producing not only videos of cats and cute babies, but also high quality content that inspires people and guess what… it’s working!.

The “play button” has become in the most compelling call to action in the Internet world.  Over 2 billion videos are being watched every year and this number is (steadily) increasing. That’s why in 2015 more marketers will implement online video as an strategic tool to generate high quality leads.

If you are not already convinced that visual content is the most effective way to share information online, take a look at the research that HighQ made gathering some facts to prove why 2015 is the year of the video.  But, before you jump into the infographic, I highly recommend that you watch  the video below. I think it’s the perfect soundtrack for this good read. Enjoy!


Video marketing infographic
Courtesy of: HighQ