Social Media Marketing

We connect people with the brands they love.

At Dave we help small businesses to engage with their audience and achieve their marketing and branding goals.  We connect people with the brands they love.  Our agency is committed to developing brand strategies and building strong communities around your brand.

Our Team can help your business to achieve different kind of goals through Social Media Marketing:

Web Traffic

Driving traffic from your social media channels to your website is one of the challenges every smalls businesses faces.  Using strategic social media marketing can be the solution to this problem.  We are experts on creating organic and paid campaigns that will draw high peaks to your totally flat traffic curve.


Whether you are looking for sign ups, online bookings, downloads or any other type of conversions, we can increase your rates using Social Media Marketing and turn those conversations into conversions.

Brand Awareness

Using your social channels to increase brand visibility is important for small and medium businesses without huge marketing budgets to spend on traditional advertising like radio, TV and print collaterals. Social media platforms give your brand access to billions of active social media accounts which you can filter according to your target audience.

Brand Identity

People don’t follow products or services, they follow “values” they can identify with.  Developing a unique voice will differentiate you from the rest of the competition.  Dave uses Social Media Marketing to help businesses reach their audience and buyer persona, to deliver an appealing message that humanizes their brand and inspires their followers.

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