Online Business Development

We don't simply build websites, we build online businesses.

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Websites are an extension to your business, so the main goal of your site is (yes! you are right) to convert.  Whatever a conversion means to your business (a download, a call booked, a purchase…) people shouldn’t leave your site without doing it! (at least a good percentage of them).  Our team is specialized in creating highly converting sites, that make your business turn your visits into revenue.

Focus on your business objectives

What is the goal of your website? Whether you are an e-commerce site or a service company, you can categorize the goal of your website in three options: 1. Sell products or services.  2. Generate leads or 3. Create brand awareness.

Show clear 'calls to action'

Calls to action has to explain clearly what are you asking people to do on your site according to your goal. Whether it is signing up for a newsletter or completing a “get a quote” form, every site has to have a desired objective for users.

Do the right test

To build the right website for your business, our team not only runs some usability tests, we work with your team to make sure we are tackling deeper issues on your site.  As important as knowing your business objectives, it’s also crucial to understand the user objectives as well in order to develop the best functionality, usability and design in your web.

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