Google AdWords Management

The Hottest Pay Per Click Program You Can Find!

We are Google AdWords Experts.  We have managed campaigns for different industries from hospitality to construction, plumbing, heating and renovations.  There is campaign too big or small that we cannot manage, from a $500 monthly campaign to a million dollar multi-platform campaign.  It’s our diverse customer base that has given us the experience on AdWords Management to create the right kind of campaign for your business.



Google AdWords Campaign Optimization

Your campaigns has to be maintained daily, if you are not doing it, YOU ARE LOOSING MONEY!  We take proud of our optimization system which allows us to identify opportunities to improve your campaigns in keyword, ad or landing page level, and save you thousands of dollars on wasted clicks!  Be sure that your campaigns are managed by professionals, focused on getting you the best ROI on every campaign, monitoring constantly your cost per acquisition. Do you know how good are you managing your AdWords account?



Keyword Research

Do you know which is the best set of keywords for your industry? As you know, the keywords you pick can determine the success of failure of your campaigns.  Our Keyword Performance Monitoring System, allows us to identify those terms that are more related to your business, generate more traffic to your landing pages and have high conversion rate.  Our system collects and arranges the data from your campaigns to find those keywords that turn clicks into money!



Landing Page Lab

Testing, testing, testing!  How can you get the best converting landing page for your campaigns? You got it! Testing.  We are proud to say that we love to put on our white coats and run experiments on your sites that will make increase your conversion rate.  From changing call to actions, titles, messages, videos or pictures… Remember, sometimes what is called “best practices” is not always the best for your business. Let’s test it out!



How cool would it be to keep your brand on the mind of  the people who showed some interest in you? We can do that!.  AdWords remarketing tool can help you to reach those people who has visited your site before.  We develop ads tailored to your visitors based on which sections of your site they showed interest.   The ads will appear to them as they browse other sites that are part of Google Display Network, or as they search for queries related to your products on Google.

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