Who is Dave Vidal?


I’m a Vancouver-based strategic marketing and brand development professional with over 10 years of international experience in North America and Latin America.

I’ve worked as a Director of Marketing and Senior Strategist for start-ups, and award-winning companies in healthcare, higher education and fintech.

I led multi-disciplinary teams and built integrated campaigns for demand generation and user acquisition.

I’ve taken innovative ideas from the conceptualization to business case presentation, project plan development and execution to metric-based performance assessment and deployment.

I’m a hands-on leader with the skills required to plan and execute measurable multi-touch and integrated demand generation strategies that drive leads and revenue.

Being part of a team that was managed by David was such a pleasure! He created a highly cohesive, motivated, and fun team at Prizm Media who really benefitted from his mentorship. He has a management style that is very democratic, which allowed for a lot of autonomy and strong communication between our team members. Under David’s leadership, the designers completed projects that included website design, iOS & Android app design, digital ads, landing pages, and even office murals. David always had high standards paired with constructive guidance/feedback throughout every project, which resulted in a stronger company brand. I am proud to call him a great mentor and a great friend!

Daryna Dvirna

UX UI Designer, Prizm Media

It was a pleasure to work under David during his time as the Director of Marketing at Prizm Media / RxtoMe. In addition to his various responsibilities, from overseeing the product development of a mobile app to optimizing websites, I had the opportunity to collaborate with him to generate online subscribers and set up campaigns that yielded incredible results. His balance in leadership, creativity, communication, critical thinking, and analytical skills are facets that allow him to do amazing work. From my experience with David, I will always be grateful for his mentorship and knowledge. But most importantly, I refer David for not just his professionalism but his ability to connect, empathize, and care for people around him. 

David Ninh

Content Creator | Social Media & PR | Digital Marketer, Prizm Media

David’s task of producing all of Canada Drives’ video marketing was anything but an easy one, but David tackled every project determined, and always with the company’s goal in mind. He successfully garnered leads from tv ads and Facebook video ads, changing Canada Drives’ video marketing ever since . He is focused on Company Success as well as the importance of team success. He is very detail-oriented and have produced great work for the company. I believe David is capable of taking his skills and his knowledge to any project he does, whether personal, or business. It was great working with David and I look forward for future opportunities to work with him. him. 

Christian Nambayan

Co-Founder of Lexton Harper Co. | Graphics and Support at EasyMarkit

David is skilled in Online Marketing, PPC Bid Management, Social Media, Video Online Marketing and Content Management. We work together in our areas, Project Management and Marketing, in perfect synergy creating engaging selling tools for our team leaders. 

Arun Kumar Singh

Manager Projects Milani & Project Manager, Rescue Restoration

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